Monday, February 28, 2005

too much television makes my brain mushy

hello boys and girls, and a special shout-out to dad, who stopped by here out of curiosity the other day, and then sent me photos of my brother in his new army uniform! (the kid looks extremely brown -sort of like a tree, what with the extremely tanned skin and the green No.4s, and the short hair. i am assuming this is the point of the exercise. -grin-)

yet another long silence from me. but with good excuse this time: Draft Two of The BA was turned in successfully and relatively on time thursday evening. it hasn't moved along significantly since Draft One, but there are certain rewritten and therefore hopefully new-and-improved sections, plus a little more story-telling re: What ASEAN Has Done To Counter Terrorism. next up: ASEAN and Diplomacy; and How Southeast Asian Nations Really Cooperate. to wit: they catch the criminal in Malaysia, refuse to try him there, return him to Indonesia, who promptly releases him back into the free world. lalala. in any case, the thing is done for a bit; i have to turn my attention back to my real classes. which means i have to (a) catch up on my Mearsheimer reading, not a real big chore by any standards because as you all know, i love reading about death and destruction in WWII; (b) catch up on my Islamic Politics reading, which is slightly more of a chore, but it is about Iran and i know nothing about Iran, so this is a learning experience; and (c) catch up on Crime reading, which is a disaster because i haven't done any of it since about second week. much as i adore Steve Levitt, this Crime final is going to Suck Ass, esp for my GPA and peace of mind.

other than that, i've been up to: (a) acquiring as many episodes of House, M.D as i possibly can, since i have decided that it's rapidly becoming one of my favourite, not-to-be-missed shows (anyone who has access to Fox, it's on tuesday at 8pm CST, right after American Idol; for those w/o Fox, it's...easily acquired online. -wink-) -i think i have a thing for scruffy older men with sharp tongues, and Hugh Laurie's really cute; (b) acquiring as many episodes of CSI: Miami, despite my earlier objections to it as a spin-off of my beloved CSI, because frankly, after several wintry months in Chicago, a show that spends ninety percent of its time outdoors in the Florida sunshine is highly appealing, and i happen to like Emily Proctor; and (c) sleeping what feels like 18 hours a day, but really works out to about five hours per day the last week, and then something like 20 hours yesterday. just couldn't keep my eyes open. -growls-

and i've tested my DVD burner and discovered it works. however, my DVD player has gone kaput. (isn't that a nice word? kaput. kaputkaputkaput.) again. damn you, Sears. now i have to take it downtown and have it replaced. -sigh-

before i do that, however, i am going to go wander off and finish writing my Crime homework assignment: a memo to Mayor Daley on whether bars should have earlier closing hours in a bid to lower crime. ('no, Mayor Daley, earlier bar closing times means drunk drivers and disorderly intoxicated yuppies on the streets when babies are still out and about to be run over. bad idea.') and then watch some of that aforementioned CSI: Miami, which i rented from Hollywood Video yesterday. hoorah!


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