Monday, March 07, 2005

the end of ninth week creeps up

things i have found out this weekend:

(a) Texas-style chilli is very much like a spicy beef stew. it does not involve tomatoes, or beans; it involves frying lots of onions and garlic in spices, then simmering them gently in ale to pick up the burnt crunchy bits leftover from pan-searing chunks of beef; then simmering the whole concoction for three hours on the stove, while the apartment fills with the smells of slow-cooking beef. no wonder we were starving by the time dinner rolled around.

(b) roasted veggies do indeed taste wonderful (cover veggies in olive oil, sea salt and black pepper, then put in Very Hot Oven for twenty minutes to half an hour) but only if you remember they are in the oven and don't, oh i don't know, get distracted by a Very Hot George Clooney trying to save the world from nuclear disaster, getting himself all scratched up and dirty in the process. (wearing Kevlar and No. 4s, to boot.) ditto for pasta.

(c) you can't read very much about the German war economy in WWI without either falling asleep, or having all your economist sensibilities thoroughly offended (so of course you go off and read a few pages of Cosmo and dream about tinted lip balm from Neutrogena; what self-respecting female economist wouldn't, i ask you? -grin-).

(d) if you are an unfortunate male in the company of three giggling females who have rented three movies: Enemy at the Gates; The Peacemaker; and Three Kings, you will NOT get to see the movie that does NOT have George Clooney in it. (esp if the three girls in question are Sheryl, Jeanette, and Amanda.)

now i really should go get some more work (read: reading) done. tomorrow, i shall have no time before class, no time at all. because i get to go shoot guns in Indiana! (supervised, of course, by Professor Levitt and his TA. damn, i love this class.)

(my BA advisor, Adria, says i put too much information in parentheses in my BA. i blame this blog for my bad writing skills. -grin-)


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