Monday, March 28, 2005

spring break is over

hi y'all:

back from Puerto Rico, toasted the colour of toffee. and, of course, sunburned and peeling in spots, which makes me itchy and irritated, but still. =) it's worth it, to no longer be pasty white.

we spent a lot of time (read: three mornings in a row) lying in bikinis (or shorts, on alex) on deckchairs by the pool, slathered in sunscreen, wearing shades to block out the glare, and pretending to read books. there are photos, but not on my camera, so they are unlikely to be up for a while. there was jumping into an icy cold pool when the sun got too hot, which no doubt led to more sunburn, since there was no reason to go back indoors. alex taught me how to swim, in a vague fashion, the freestyle. i need more practice, which i guess means i gotta hit the pool more this quarter!

Old San Juan, where we spent the rest of our time, was also pretty cool. lots of trinket shopping, and many other tourists. we also climbed all over an old fort, with an honest-to-goodness dungeon, which oddly enough was located on the second floor. i also discovered that i would have been too short to be a rifleman defending this particular fort: i couldn't see over the parapet to fire!

a very short update, i know. but it's getting on to the time when i should fall into bed and/or look at the BA again in preparation for the spring quarter, which starts tomorrow. thankfully, my first class is at three on mondays. (just like JJM, last quarter.) but still. i can't believe it's school again...


At 9:05 AM, March 31, 2005, Blogger A said...

For a brief moment, the idea of alex in a bikini really made me wince. Glad he wasn't wearing one after all haha.


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