Saturday, April 09, 2005

scholarships, etc etc.

a recent furore in the New Paper (and probably other fora, but i don't follow Singapore news anymore, since ST Online has decided to start charging outrageous rates for second-rate -at best- news) about two PSC scholars breaking their bonds. some information here and here, from the point of view -loosely speaking- of the scholars. PSC's response is here.

discretion is probably the better part of valour. but i do know the scholar in question, so am unlikely to remain silent. so i'm limiting my remarks to these, quite simply. look at the PSC response, and tell me it's not stone-walling in the most time-honoured tradition of bureaucracies anywhere. (it's not even very GOOD stone-walling at that, but i blame that on the New Paper's editorial inadequacies, and quite possibly the abilities of the PSC spokesperson.)

allow me also to point out that 'conducting regular feedback sessions' means jackshit. i can conduct regular feedback sessions, then take the feedback and throw it out the window and merrily continue on my happy destructive way. (much like a herd of elephants in the bush, i imagine.) Singaporeans, of all people, should fully understand the difference between a gesture in the desired direction, and real change in a government organisation. and we should understand that the first is far easier and far more commonplace than the latter.


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