Friday, April 29, 2005

the ST = the WSJ? i laugh in the face of absurdity

after all my griping about the ST Online charging money for access, i am reminded that there is one Grand Dame of the daily world who charges for access: the Wall Street Journal. but come on. on the one hand, the WSJ. on the other hand, the ST. in between, a bottomless, gaping -yawning, even- divide.

in any case, i pay for neither: i don't read the ST, and i read the WSJ headlines on tuesdays and thursdays when marcus brings it with him to our chinese history class. :)

anyway -- off to new york for the weekend, to see the wizard -janice, and ying, and nicki, and charles, and hopefully ryan and possibly cheetung if we can dig him out of the woodwork- so expect nothing until sunday night, and then possibly photos. (alex wants to go to MOMA, and i am inclined to go with him, though if i get bored i shall sit down at the cafe and study for my chinese history midterm.) til then, have a good weekend, my darlings --


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