Wednesday, May 18, 2005

another bout of nostalgia

was going to write last night, but -failed. emily and i went back to BJ for a Mathewsnik get-together hosted by our old RA, one Aaron Foss in his new RA-room in Dodd-Mead (yes. -wrinkles nose- never mind. he's still OUR ra.) and we invaded our old turf at Mathews (to round up the missing Andrew and Brian) and for a moment i remembered what it was like to run up and down the windy staircase -the rooms on the second-and-a-half floor- hanging off a stair rail and chatting with people and getting in the way of people bearing laundry- and the big fourth floor double where Bob now lives (he used to live in my old room!) -the odd, cold floor and the doors that slam shut in the stairwell. and i was reminded that (a) i don't spend nearly enough time with the mathewsniks from my year -Mariangela, Andrew, Brian, Joanna, Carolyn, Will, Liza, Sam and Lili, and of course -Aaaron- and (b) i am really really going to miss them when the quarter is done. i'm really glad i met them, first year; that we lived together for two years, running into one another on the stairs and in the laundry rooms and eating together in the dining hall (suffering the same bad food and bad coffee and eating tons of ice cream between us) and watching tv for hours sacked out on the crappy old lounge couches (which have since been replaced). and study breaks in aaron's room and in Paul and Kathy's apartment, and playing with Bix the Cat. there are a lot of good memories associated with those two years, and these people (and the ones who have already moved away), for which i am both thankful and saddened that there are to be so few new ones after this.

there is at least one more round of merry-making to look forward to, for which i am thankful. but i am reminded that there is also one more giant bundle of people and places to miss when i leave.


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