Monday, May 02, 2005

back from NYC

am back from visiting ying and janice over a crazy weekend (it was the Columbia Varsity Show weekend). got to see Jan's tiny new place, and see Charles and Lynn for a bit, and even managed to get Ying to fit us into her crazy schedule. yummy burgers from the Corner Bistro, delicious pho from our hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Chinatown (that we discovered over winter break, with my brother and Cheryl and Derek), and handmade udon and yuzu (japanese lime) ice cream in the east village. and oh! new york bagels, with scallion/garlic-and-herb cream cheese. isn't it funny how my new york trips revolve around two things: shopping and food.

not much shopping this time, however, so it was mostly food. the most productive shopping i did was between Avenue Q and the Varsity Show on saturday afternoon, when we emerged from the Union Sq subway to see the remnants of the regular farmers's market, and i bought a pint of maple syrup. it's delicious -i made maple-syrup sugar cookies pretty much the moment i got home, and licking the syrup off my fingers was a heavenly experience- and oh so fresh! (had to restrain myself from buying a huge loaf of fresh bread, and jam/chutneys too!) and once i managed to tear myself away from the market (there were people selling little tiny potted herbs! i could have fresh mint, and basil growing in my living room...) we hit up the Strand. 18 miles of books to which i wanted to pledge my allegiance by buying a tote bag. which i did -i have the cream canvas tote bag with the bright red Strand logo on it- as well as getting one for shum (red Strand logo on black) and one for amanda (orange on brown) too!

also, on this trip we finally got to see a performance of Avenue Q. it was totally awesome -mindblowingly good- i had such a great time! it is so much better watching it staged -even though the listening to the soundtrack was already pretty awesome. the guy who was the puppeteer/voice of Rod/Princeton in this production -not the guy in the original cast- is an even better singer, and he is a GREAT actor. he emotes what the puppet is supposed to be feeling -it is a seamless performance, man and puppet. i was very impressed. (it probably doesn't hurt that he's cute. and had a great pair of jeans. i really wish i knew where they are from.) they had great chemistry -the cast, i mean- and were clearly enjoying themselves to the hilt. the woman who does Christmas Eve has an even more incredible voice in reality than on the CD, and the one who plays Gary Coleman is a riot. the spoken lines are sometimes better than the sung ones, and the sung ones are wonderful enough. i'm so happy we got to see it! :)

what's a trip to new york without a trip to the museums, right? this time we did make it to the MOMA, on friday night when it's free (and therefore a complete ZOO). my beloved Starry Night is there, as are a bunch of really cool Picassos, like Violin and Grapes (i think that's right). i stared at it for a long time. oh! and there was a tres cool chess set in the Architecture and Design section, but unfortunately there wasn't a replica in the store, or i would totally have gotten it. i did get a cool hologram picture of MOMA though. but the Whitney Museum of American Art really stole the show, as far as i'm concerned. we went earlier on friday afternoon to see the Tim Hawkinson show at the Whitney and it was a blast! Tim Hawkinson is clearly some guy who (a) loves to work with power tools, (b) has too much free time and (c) is a geek through and through. it was incredibly fun, and i loved the entire exhibit. if you are in New York at some point in the next couple of months, you should see the show before it goes. totally worth it.

no photos, i'm afraid - i brought the camera but didn't take a single shot! and now, it's back to the regular grind of trying to pass my chinese history midterm on tuesday. :(


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