Friday, May 20, 2005

i'm not sure if i love or hate Quentin Tarantino


for those who haven't heard my incessant shrieking over the last week - tonight was the season finale for CSI Season 5, and it was directed by none other than Quentin Tarantino himself -a big CSI fan. (like me, only i am not as cool, nor do i make as much money.) it was a rocking good episode, made me very happy -because it made me very excited, and worried, and angry, and claustrophobic, and really really grabbed me and yanked me into a storyline and made me care about what happened next. (partly because it was NICKY and not some random person in danger.) i swear, if my hands had been ard QT's neck around 8.15 tonight i am not sure he would have survived my squeezing it really hard. and oh, the hint at the end - "I want my guys back" - we want you to get them back too, griss! no more shift split, pleaase, TPTB!

all i can say is -- do i REALLY have to wait til SEPTEMBER for the next season?!


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