Monday, May 16, 2005

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i know -- i promised to update and then long silence. but i've been --not so much busy as avoiding real life for a bit as it sinks in more and more than graduation draws near and there is much left undone.

evan's visit was great fun - other than the awesome U2 concert we went to monday night, at which we shouted and sang along and pretty much went deaf, we went to a Cubs game, where the Cubs beat the Mets quite handily (they should pay us to come watch them; i've never seen the Cubs lose when i've been at the ballpark!) and i got a cap to pledge my allegiance to my baseball team (you can see said cap in my Flickr gallery, click to the right); and we also went to the Art Institute and Shedd Aquarium, my first visit in a long time. the Art Institute was, as always, wonderful -i got to stand (or sit, rather) and stare at my favourite piece in the whole museum - a very lovely Monet- and wander through the East Asian gallery, which is my second favourite part of the museum. also got to take some pictures of the very graceful Arabesque, and make fun of modern art with Evan. and the Shedd! Pacific white-sided dolphins, and beluga whales, not to mention the sweetest frogs i have ever seen. they are tiny -the length of the first knuckle on my thumb- and so clever at camoflauge i totally did not see them for the first three minutes of staring into their habitat. if one of them hadn't moved i would never have seen them. but it did move, and suddenly -- there were frogs EVERYWHERE. it was amazing. i went back to that habitat three times, just to watch them. if it weren't for Bono, the froggies would definitely be the highlight of the week.

but Bono there was. no pictures or recordings, my darlings, because (a) i abided by the rules printed on the tickets and (b) the purse i carried was too tiny to fit my monster digicam anyway. (i need to get me a little flat cool sony baby that fits in pockets, etc. or a camera phone, infinitely preferable though not with quite the same resolution.) but despite a rocky start -a frog in his throat, he said- the concert was a blast. lots of old favourites -Pride (In The Name Of Love), and Where The Streets Have No Name, for example, though no With Or Without You- interspersed with a generous leavening of songs from the latest album, like the lovely City Of Blinding Lights, and of course Vertigo, beautifully done. and Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own, one of my favourites from the album - and a gorgeous showcase of Bono's voice. i hadn't realised how much it's changed over time -but going back and listening to his older stuff, i have to say - that voice has only gotten better with age. and Miracle Drug -such a luminous entry, and oddly enough, i really like the lyrics. sure, there are concert gimmicks, and sometimes his politics and his social ideals kind of get in the way of the music -but i certainly don't object, if i means i can be in the same room as Bono -even if the room is, you know, United Center.

in any case - it was a good week, and a good weekend. lots of doing nothing, and hanging out with Alex at his place (food network, and other cable channels including TBS which showed Entrapment today! mmm catherine zeta-jones and sean connery) though now i have to actually do some work. but i did drag the old computer out from its hiding place, dusted it off, and uploaded some old pictures from last year and the year before onto Portia. (and some onto Flickr, as well.) so now all my pictures are (putatively) in one place. =) i am pleased.

more updates from me as the week progresses and i find new and creative ways to avoid writing this paper on the CTA for Barker and Tolley, and try to find something to memorialise for Alitto's History of the Qing class. suggestions etc are greatly welcome, particularly with respect to "things the Emperor should give a shit about" (or not, come to think of it) during the late Qing dynasty -something to do with confrontation with the West, but not about Opium?


At 7:49 PM, May 16, 2005, Blogger Tym said...

The Art Institute! The Shedd!

The Art Institute will always have a special place in my heart. It was the one thing about living in Chicago that I never took for granted, always making a point to visit it at least twice a year, if not more often (the great thing about a student schedule is being able to take advantage of its free days).

The Shedd I never visited till the week before I graduated, and I had only two hours there, to my utter regret. No ownder I don't remember minute frogs. Weren't the belugas the most amazing creatures?

You sure bring back the memories, girl...

At 10:34 PM, May 16, 2005, Blogger J. said...

the belugas were incredible. their pool is so tiny - they kept swimming around in figure-of-eight circuits, and one of them swam around on its back, as if it wanted to keep an eye on us. then it came to the surface for air, hung around for a bit, rolled over to check us out more closely, and then started talking to us! in a series of clicks and whistles. it was very cool. (so, of course, we talked back - 'how was your day? you have a good one too, you pretty thing')

i will miss the Art Institute when i leave. not that i've visited it all that many times while i've been here, but it is there for me to visit, you know? and the monets and the woodblock prints, and the vases and sculptures, and the hoppers and the picassos. which we don't have back home, i'm depressed to realise.

oh well, we can always visit, right? =)


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