Friday, June 17, 2005

yellowstone update

ok, so i was mistaken -- i have just enough time to post a filler post to let people know where i am and what i'm doing, etc etc. am in west yellowstone, MT, in a motel two blocks away from the west entrance to the Yellowstone National Park. we drove here -road trip!- we being my parents, alex, his brother amos, and i, all piled into a Ford Expedition ( we started out in a Nissan Armada, but it had brake issues - NOT GOOD.) driving the 1600 miles from chicago to here. got here two days ago. no cellphone reception, no email (we are in a bar checking email believe it or not). therefore much silence.

the yellowstone experience has been good thus far - bison, elk, babies of all kinds, osprey, bald eagles. photos will be forthcoming, along with more description. gotta go now, but i figured if i didn't update soon i would get testy emails of complaint (you know who you are...).

later, 'gators -



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