Wednesday, June 29, 2005

yet another placeholder post

well, my darlings, i am safely home and all in one piece, too! despite having schlepped an extremely heavy, filled-to-the-brim duffle bag and a stuffed laptop bag all over God's Green Earth (read: onto a plane in chicago, off a plane in tokyo, and then back on another plane in tokyo, and off again in singapore), and -i am proud proud proud of this- lifting my 68 lb big black samonite off the baggage carousel in Singapore and onto a luggage cart, unassisted. (shame on you, lazy singaporean men who stood ard and watched me struggle! but i put some muscle into it, and got it accomplished in the end.) the flight was long and miserable - i think i was allergic to the plane!- but on the tokyo-singapore leg i was seated next to a lady who went to grad sch at the U of C, and we immediately became absorbed in a conversation about hyde park and the good ol' days. she was on a fulbright-funded trip to Southeast Asia to study comparative religions, so we also got into a big discussion about religion and politics and all the sorts of things you're not supposed to discuss at polite dinner-table conversations. ah, the U of C, and its alums, she sighs.

am jetlagged out of my mind, which is my excuse for missing Ying's party this evening- my heartfelt apologies to those i shall not see for another month because of my missing it - you know who you are- and also my reason for being awake at one am yet again, despite having been totally unable to keep my eyes open three hours ago. bah, i say. plus my tummy thinks i have deprived it of lunch -i was not hungry at dinnertime- and now sits complaining as i type. am still feeling ambivalent about being back. (my room is too small for all my stuff! and there is not enough storage space, or bookshelves, or mirrors -yes i am vain- and i can't for the life of me see how i can arrange it so that there will be enough. perhaps when my brain is less fogged up.) unpacking is proceeding at a snail's pace - the duffle and the backpack have had their contents removed and redistributed but not necessarily put away- it's just too hard to find them their proper places when i am so out of it. unpacking is harder than unpacking- the disorder in my room grows by the minute.

perhaps i would never have been ready to leave, though. as i told amanda this morning - perhaps we are never ready to leave. it just has to be done and done fast, without thinking about it - like pulling off a bandaid and hoping it doesn't hurt too much, that you aren't reopening a wound, yanking off a scab. and when the pain and flurry subsides, the deed is done, and cannot be undone.

(actually, the real reason i am still up and bustling abt at this ungodly hour is not that i am jetlagged -i can be jetlagged in bed under the covers rather than at my desk- but rather i am working on putting my music on a new iPod -from mommy- which entailed somehow getting the music off the old one -which my brother has inheirited, he having killed his being caught in the rain- and loading it onto the pBook, which it is doing very slowly now. ahhh Appletalk, what would we do without you. but in any case, once that is done i shall seek my bed.)


At 10:26 AM, July 01, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back.. *grin* I'm back till mid July and we DEFINITELY need to meet up before I have to go back to Boston. Anyway, Cell is same as before although I think I may have lost everyones numbers on it. Time? Place? Reunion? *grin*


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