Sunday, July 24, 2005

aiyee! shoes!

oh good heavens, i just got tagged by Tym with a shoe meme! of course, that means i had to go downstairs and count my shoes. -smirk- ok, before i begin, in my defence (take that however you choose) i have just moved back here from the states and had to do a great-shoe-spring-cleaning to get everything into the suitcases. it was heartwrenching, but necessary. so these numbers are...shall we say, artificially deflated?

Total Number of Shoes You Own:

erm. 46. which means, of course, 23 pairs. -wink- they include, among others, a couple of pairs of boots (one pair knee boots one pair comfy ankle boots); a bunch of strappy sandals and mules; a few pairs of comfy-yet-pointy-toed -not a oxymoron, i promise- close-toed real shoes; a pair of Teva sandals; and a bunch of flipflops/running shoes/street sneaker things.

Bonus details:

Number of empty shoe boxes cleared out while counting up the tally: One. only it's still sort of sitting there. erm. but i did clear out the closet on friday and throw out...four boxes and one box Still Including Shoes (they were worn out!).

Most Expensive Pair: white Ferragamos bought for a friend's wedding/wedding dinner and never worn again -i must go dig them out, they would look great with jeans;

Cheapest Pair: USD 10 flipflops from Old Navy, almost worn to shreds;

Brands Represented: Nine West, Teva, Diesel, Tang Studio, Ferragamo...errrrr...Charles and Keith, New Balance (running shoes!), errr...a bunch of American brands that i picked up at the Nordstrom Rack, otherwise known as Shoe-Shopping-Heaven. that's where i got my beautiful-but-painful shoes for graduation.

The Last Shoe You Bought: a pair of black strappy dressy Tang Studio sandals to match my dress for a formal dinner.

How many shoes have you under your work desk?: i don't have a work desk yet -grin- but i imagine a pair of rather disreputable flipflops will migrate there eventually. (it would be birkenstocks, if i had the disposable income to drop on a pair...)

Five People I'm Passing This Baton On To: oh man, Tym's taken Ondine! why is it my girly friends don't keep up their blogs?

1. SM -grin- when are we going out?;
2. Wandering Girl who lives in Boston, lucky thing;
3. keuq, because i'd like to see the contrast between her shoe wardrobe and mine;
4. miss chen; and
5. oh. never mind =) anyone who wants to take up the challenge. leave me a comment. -grin-

p/s AIYEE! lightning storm!


At 12:59 PM, August 01, 2005, Blogger SM said...

;) unfortunately i cannot do this shoe meme with any degree of accuracy bcos I went over (and thoroughly cleaned up) my entire shoe collection twice while looking for convo shoes.

Caleb is only 21! I was mistaken about his age.


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