Friday, July 22, 2005

food meme

taken from Chocolate and Zucchini:

if you were a condiment, a kitchen gadget, a spice, a herb, a pantry staple, a food chemistry phenomenon, a dish, a cookie, what would you be?

take it in the spirit it was intended - if you could be all things kitchen, what would you be?

i'll think about it and update this post to let you know when i decide. a nice sharp knife? i know! a mandolin...


At 9:29 PM, July 22, 2005, Blogger wandering.girl said...

How about a Banjo instead of a Mandolin? *grin* Wasn't it Dinah in the kitchen on the Banjo?

Hmm.. will have to seriously ponder the question of what to be, despite my love of my global knife not sure I want to be it. :-p


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