Wednesday, July 06, 2005


another productive day:

met Cheryl for a late lunch at coffee club in wisma, where we sat and ate, and chatted about buying chef's knives, and work clothes, and all kinds of other things...before we wandered off to borders, stopping intermittently to shop, and stood in line for THREE HOURS to get neil gaiman's signature on a bunch of books. gail joined us, and it was a good catching up time before cheryl takes off for boston once again. plus we got neil's autographs, and he personalised -finally!- my Dream Country, almost my favourite sandman of all time, and certainly the one containing my favourite line re: getting a thousand cats to do something at the same time. and i have a picture! of neil signing things, and a blurry shot of me standing next to neil while he personalises my book. (i told gail not to use the flash, because i figure he's gonna get about a bazillion flashes in his eyes before he gets back to the hotel tonight, and i didn't want to make it a bazillion and one.) yay! =)

then gail and i went to eat la mian xiao long bao at crystal jade in scotts (it occurs to me that that sentence will make no sense whatsoever to my non-Singaporean readers. translation: we had noodles and steamed dumplings at a chinese restaurant in a shopping mall called Scotts.) and it was yummy. i haven't had la mian or xiao long bao for a while, so this was a wonderful meal. and we rounded up the day with some wandering and some rather fruitful shopping. (though i still need to get a pair of driving mocs that won't cost the earth. where oh where can i find them?)

and i met an old friend on the train on the way home. it was v cool. i hadn't talked to him in years, and there he was, getting on the same train as i was (and we get off the train at the same stop, too!), so we had a nice chat on the way back.

tomorrow, i am going Walking with dad and his friends. hopefully i will not die of (a) dehydration, (b) heatstroke, or (c) exhaustion before the afternoon is out. will be fuelled by Toa Payoh chicken rice, and the promise of ice kachang at the end of the trek!


At 8:55 PM, July 07, 2005, Blogger Tym said...

You were at the Gaiman signing too? How come I didn't see you in the line? Ley lines, man --- Gaiman brought everybody out.

What are driving mocs?

And where did you trek today?

(I'm just full of questions, yeah.)

At 9:58 PM, July 07, 2005, Blogger J. said...

we were right at the head of the line -- one of my friends got in the line right when it started to form up and we joined him shortly after, ard three. nuts, no? but gaiman was v. cool. i always enjoy seeing him.

moccasins for driving, which means they (a) don't have to look attractive because they will either live in the car or only be worn when i intend to be in the car, and (b) have to be nice and comfy and stretchy. and hopefully not eighty bucks a pop.

we trekked abt 15 km -started at SICC at Sime Rd, walked to Macritchie, then on to the other SICC to eat ice kachang, after which we walked to the treetop walk and then back to SICC from the end of the treetop trail. now i'm totally beat. -grin- and my feet itch! not hurt, itch. weird, no?

At 1:00 AM, July 09, 2005, Blogger Tym said...

We did that walk a couple of weeks ago! Fun, yah? :) After that, we had chilli crab at Casuarina to reward ourselves.


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