Wednesday, July 06, 2005

passed! what a relief

add to the list of adminstrative dominos --

passed the Basic Theory Test yesterday! and converted my licence. now i am the proud owner of a temporary licence that comprises two pieces of paper -one white, one blue- stapled together, with the words 'You may drive while waiting for your photocard licence' printed on the white one, along with my address. (i'm not sure my name is on either of them, come to think of it.) the actual photocard licence is supposed to arrive in the mail within two weeks. keep your fingers crossed, everyone.

the Basic Theory Test sure is different these days from when i took it back in 2001 (and failed, i might add, the first time). it's done on touchscreen computers now. no more pencil and those ridiculous OAS where you have to colour bubbles for not only your answer but your name as well. of course, because it's all computerised, you no longer have to wait an entire month to get your results in the snail mail. it's instant gratification (or doom as the case may be). you finish the fifty MCQ test, and then click -press- the End Test button at the bottom. the system goes, horrified that you have finished in less than an hour, 'Are You Sure you want to End Test?' (leave aside remarks abt grammar etc please), and if you answer 'YES (dammit, i was done ten minutes ago but was too nervous to actually end the test and see how i fared)', the screen immediately flashes 'PASSED' or 'FAILED' (i presume) and you know. so efficient, right? =)

so now i have to go sign myself up for a refresher course in driving, since i need to learn how to drive on THIS side of the road! -grin- i still look the wrong way first when crossing the road. one of these days, i'm gonna get run over by a lorry. (that's a small truck to you non-singaporeans...)


At 8:57 PM, July 07, 2005, Blogger Tym said...

Congrats on the license! And yes, I would've totally gone through that same thinking process had I done the computerised test. We're so well-trained by our bloody education system...

You'll get over the left-right thing soon enough. As long as you don't try to turn into oncoming traffic as I once did ...


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