Sunday, July 24, 2005

things to be cheery about

trip to Ikea (spent battling the mobs of small children wandering about like a swarm of locusts) resulting in (a) a new bedframe arriving tuesday afternoon; (b) a new nightstand; and (c) a vase in which i have repotted a pretty little moneyplant, which is cheering up my desk as i speak. (any suggestions for a name?) as well as a whiteboard...

...which dad has installed on the wall so i have a place to organise my loose-leaf crap. (now all i need is a pack of whiteboard markers...not that there is a ledge to put them on...hmm.)

i played mahjong with the family sharks...i mean the Aunts this afternoon and managed to acquit myself fairly well, admittedly because my grandfather wasn't feeling too well and thus was rather handicapped in his playing ability. :p but still. we gotta take our small victories wherever they come from.

good dinner with the family at grandpa's post-mahjong session -i am positively STUFFED - they have outdone themselves spectacularly. and when jo gets back here from her gallivanting about the states, i imagine it can only get better...

my room is marginally cleaner than it was last week, thanks to extensive efforts to (a) throw crap out and (b) resort stuff into reasonable places. plus my brother has moved the desktop away, which frees up lots of space!

ahhh, the small things in life. :)


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