Thursday, July 07, 2005

walking is good for my health? how?

i am:

1. the latest inductee, it seems, into the Singapore Ice Kachang Club. we walked fifteen or sixteen kilometres today (sixteen would have been what, ten miles?) through jungle and on road and stairs and whatnot. there was a break at the halfway point where we ate ice kachang (for non-Singaporeans: a local dessert comprising shaved ice flavoured with various syrups and sweetened milk, piled over a bowl of assorted bits like beans, corn, and jello cubes. sort of like a sno-cone on steroids.), and i became the fifth member of the SIKC (misspell that, and you get SICK, which is what i feel after the amt of sun i got today). i've also experienced the treetop walk -a suspension bridge at treetop height through the jungle. sort of scary - suspension bridges wig me out.

2. exhausted. i bid thee goodnight -- tomorrow is another day. Changi Naval Base!


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