Friday, August 05, 2005

coming up for air


that's all i have left to say after a long week of open houses/ministry visits. i can't say it hasn't been an education week, all in all, so i have no complaints. (except about the amount of travelling i've been doing, but that can't be helped i suppose.) i've gotten a clearer picture of what life is like inside various places, and i've made up my mind what i would like to do. now if only my dream job would fall out of the sky -- but they haven't even called me yet! and they've already been on the phone with some of my peers. so who knows what the future holds forme.

still, by and large i've enjoyed the week. meeting up with old friends was a bonus amid all the crazy dialogue-session-presentations-eating-copious-amounts-of-food rounds to various function rooms and event halls - catching up with wee keong and sidney, for example, especially chatting this afternoon - that was tons of fun, and it was v cool to find out where people wanted to go and what they were looking for in their future jobs. (i hesitate to use the words 'job' and 'career' interchangably...)

however, as old hands at this scholarship round will know, what's next is Interview Season. it's beginning already. =) so this weekend is my chance to take a quick breather and recharge my enthusiasm and energy for the next couple of weeks, and i'm looking forward to making the most of it! (read: finish reading my library books, and Harry Potter -i started it on the train today -reading on the bus makes me carsick- i managed quite a few chapters on my half-hour-long train ride, but nowhere near finished yet-, and sleeping in? unlikely, since dad likes to get us up early for bfast on weekends, and church on sunday at 0800.) i suspect you won't hear much of me for a while -unless interviews and/or written assessments go badly, in which case there will be much moaning and gnashing of teeth.


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