Thursday, August 18, 2005

for the people who are beginning to wonder:

I Aten't Dead. :)

and bonus points to those who spot the reference (come on, i KNOW you people know where it comes from.).

just been up to too much lately - was just realising that i haven't eaten at home for quite a few days now. what have you been up to, jeanette, i hear you ask. well -- driving refresher courses that resulted in my being able to park a car both in a parking space (in a multistory carpark to boot) and curbside (parallel parking, freshly learned today. with nary a scratch to said car, any other car, and without crashing into lampposts or anything. i did bump the curb once, but not hard at all.). i can also drive now, after a fashion, though rush hour traffic wigs me out, esp those dratted motorcycles. bleagh, i say.

and meeting old friends, and having tea/coffee/dinners with them, and generally catching up on lives. and meeting new friends, and building new friendships along the way.

and having interviews in between all of this socialising - hopefully interviews that went well - and hopefully i will be employed in the next month or two. (Old Man - it looks like i can sub for you if required. i doubt i will be employed before the first of oct, to be frank. unless wheels start turning inordinately quickly.) the interview up The Hill was fun, and meeting all the people i hope to be working with come the fall (not that we have seasons in Singapore) was also really cool. keeping my fingers crossed they will soon be my colleagues.

not much time to be homesick, these days. :) all to the good, i think.


At 11:55 PM, August 19, 2005, Blogger Packrat said...

The Discworld series. 'tis the sign that Granny Weatherwax places on herself when she goes borrowing. What's my prize? :)

At 11:56 PM, August 19, 2005, Blogger Packrat said...

Also, yes, need a sub. Already gave my HOD the heads up.


At 3:29 PM, August 20, 2005, Blogger J. said...

i didn't say there was a prize, i said you would get bonus points. -grin- mentally added to the existing tally.

you ARE going to give me the lowdown on all your classes and what you want me to attempt to teach them, right? as opposed to, oh, throwing me to the wolves and watching from afar? -grin-


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