Thursday, August 11, 2005

of show and tell

am feeling rather drained by a longish day, but wanted to stick my head in and suggest people in Singapore head over to the Esplanade and catch a show of the Dim Sum Dollies if they can. i am given to understand the show has been extended for three more days next week, so go get tickets and go. thoroughly worth it, i think.

the quality of the production was very high, though perhaps the content was rather inconsistent. some of the sketches contained material that skated a very fine line between funny and offensive, or crass. some i felt fell rather flat, while others went on for too long - the Dollies stretching a moment for all they were worth, but some things are just funnier -unsaid or said quickly, in passing, like singing (in true Romantic Love Song fashion) that 'if i were to fall in love again/shoot me in the head'. it slips by and a moment later, your brain catches up to your ears and you realise what this skinny creature is singing, and it's impossible not to laugh until you cry.

my biggest complaint about the evening was the sound system in the theatre in the Esplanade where Dim Sum Dollies is playing is totally inadequate for a show that is as much singing and dancing as it is speaking. it just cannot handle more than one person singing at a time - everyone fades in and out in a most disconcerting manner, and you can't really hear the words - which is a pity, because when you CAN hear the words they are frequently hilarious. so booo for spending so much money and touting the acoustic wonder that are the Esplanade's performance spaces, only to disappoint me yet again. (at least the concert hall where the SSO plays has decent sound.)

in other news:

(a) rae and I had dinner with a whole tableful of former teachers this evening before the show - Mr R and Mr McConnell and Mrs Perry and Mr Purvis - and it was very strange listening to them be social and to be social with them - very strange indeed. but i always enjoy talking to mr R, so all in all it was fun; and

(b) Commission interview this afternoon was an unmitigated disaster; and

(c)) the other interview after went well. keep your fingers crossed for me that i'll do well next week at the return engagement?


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