Monday, August 22, 2005

podcasts and internet radio save my sanity

have i mentioned how much i love internet radio? i REALLY love internet radio. i'm sitting here listening to a repeat broadcast of BBC Radio 1 while searching for the full text of last night's National Day Rally Speech (in my defence, i wanted to watch it, but had dinner at grandpa's and then had to send daddy to the airport -he's off to denmark and norway for a week- so i missed a huge chunk of it. and it wasn't three hours long this year!). Someone out there has got to have a transcript of it. (SPRINTER doesn't, because PM doesn't write out his speech in full before he gives it. he merely produces a list of talking points eerily reminiscent of my presentation notes over the years and extemporises based on those. smart man.) in the meantime, thanks to ST Online -how i hate saying that- i've downloaded the podcast of his speech, so theoretically i could listen to it over again. i do prefer reading though.

that said, if anyone could point me toward an online version of the full speech, and/or email it to me, that would be awesome. (if you don't have my email, leave a comment and i will send it along to you --)

Amended to add: the podcast quality is appalling. so i withdraw my thanks to ST Online in relief. -grin- the ends of sentences are cut off, sections are totally missing, etc etc. oh well. still need transcript...-sigh-


At 7:27 AM, August 23, 2005, Blogger wonky said...

A long time ago, when STI was free for all, they provided a transcript of his speech. Don't think they'll do that now, though. SPRINTER will come up with a transcript eventually (see NDR04 for example) but it'll take them a while.


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