Saturday, September 10, 2005

Seven Wonders of the World?

so the Trib is running a "Seven Wonders of Chicago" contest, for which the U of C has received a nomination. :) therefore, alums and friends of alums, go forth: 'Vote early, and often!'.

we can totally beat Sears Tower, and the Chicago Hot Dog? piece of cake. :p just have to worry about the MSI and the Lakefront giving us some stiff competition...;)

off to the supermarket; chilli-cooking awaits!

update: my chilli resembles nothing so much as a big pot of pasta sauce. how depressing. perhaps it needs more beans -but i don't LIKE beans! :p not to mention i wanted to put peppers in, but the lady at the checkout counter charged me 2.11 for my peppers and then failed to put them in my bag, a fact i discovered entirely too late, and i certainly wasn't going to walk back out in to the broiling heat to recover two little red peppers. bah.


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