Thursday, October 20, 2005

i aten't dead

hmm -- i seem to have to say that more and more these days, online anyway. =p yes, work is taking over my life, but i ain't dead yet. managing to have pretty cool and fun Girls' Nites Out every friday night (though this week we are down to TWO -boooo to the other girls, though in their defence, they're off having exciting lives too) and hanging out with grandpa on weekends is also fun. (plus last weekend i got to take a NAP. for four hours.)

just to leave all with some fodder for thought:

a. the best nominee Bushie could come up with to fill a spot on the Supreme Court -his LEGACY, for crying out loud- is his White House Counsel and ex-personal lawyer, whose highest qualification is her loyalty to him?

b. my government thinks that it's a good idea for people who have been arrested not to have access to legal counsel until the police have finished their investigation, because then the defence counsel might compromise the investigation. it's nice to know that personal rights and liberties are taken so seriously, isn't it?

back to daydreaming about vacations in the Bahamas (getting a Real Tan) now...:)

OH! and the countdown begins -- Game One of the 2005 World Series (the Fall Classic) begins on Saturday at 7.30pm CST -- Houston Astros at the Chicago White Sox. They've prepped The Cell and everyone's raring to go -- oh, i miss my city.


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