Saturday, October 08, 2005

a roundup of daily events

my first paycheck comes on monday. (of course, by that i mean -- the Civil Service will electronically transfer my first paycheck into my bank account on monday, minus CPF, minus the parking fee, minus what i'm giving to SHARE...erm...any more minuses and i'll have to pay them!) so it's a good time to quickly blog about what work's been like so far, no?

i'm really enjoying it so far. i may bitch and whine and complain but ultimately, i like it. the adrenaline rush is crazy - i crash every single night, just come home, eat shower and then fall asleep- that might be the only part i really dislike. but there's real thrill in just going at it all day, moving things, answering people's questions - during the day there's rarely an entire half hour focused solely on one thing. i've always got part of my mind thinking about the next problem, or half an ear listening out for my desk phone. (the dreaded "jeanette, can you come in please." always makes me think "oh shit what did i submit recently are there stupid typos ahhh my staffwork sucks" in the two seconds before "yes, ok. -click-".) after about five, that's when i can focus, finally, on doing the things that don't get done during the day -- the things that are less urgent, the things that i've procrastinated on. two important things i've gathered in my first month of work: (1) always always take paper and a writing implement into your boss's office; and (2) make lists of EVERYTHING. what you need to do now. what you need to do tomorrow. what you need to have someone else do now. and so on ad infinitum. because there's only so many things your brain can manage at once, and most of it is occupied with "oh shit what did i submit recently are there typos" kind of thoughts. :)

[i interrupt this broadcast to add: WHITE SOX WIN!!!!! they've swept the BoSox!!!! They're going to the ACLS!!!! ok, you all know i'm a Cubs fan, but i'm also a Chicagoan (of sorts). i just want a chicago sports team to win sometimes...]

the other thing i've learned is that while my driving is improving, my knowledge of Singapore roads is not. that's because all i ever do is drive from my place to work and back again, and it's not really vitally important to know how to get from here to the northwest of Singapore, because seriously, everything between here and work is...let's call it underdeveloped, instead of "the freakin' wilderness". (however, there's a great part of the drive: there's a little road -Mandai Road- the end of it, that starts from near Transit Road, and it's a single lane road that winds its way through the middle of the nature reserve, alongside Seletar Reservoir. it's an incredibly pretty view in the mornings, tranquil and green. if there's no one else on the road behind me, i slow down and watch the reservoir go by until i'm once more surrounded by trees -- and then HUGE ASS TRUCKS on the rest of Mandai Road into Upper Bukit Timah.) i know this because yesterday i went over to Shum's after work (i knocked off while there was still daylight! my colleagues and i were joking abt how we were afraid to go outside because of this alien concept of sunlight) to play xbox games and then go to dinner with the other girls. but i didn't know how to get to her place from the office! i wandered into my branch head's office and asked to borrow his street directory. "can I borrow your street directory real quick please? I need to know how to get to Sixth Avenue." i said, sheepishly. he looked at me like i was really really strange and said "you know how to get to MFA, right? it's on the way lah!" but i didn't know that! -grin- and then Shum had to direct me from her place to Raffles City, which involved a lot of me going "i don't know where the fuck we are -mad laughter-" and "is it a left turn or a right turn?" until we emerged near High Street and i was like Oh! i know now, this is how i go to church!

so, all in all, i'm having a good time at the office. sure, there are times when i want to kill myself, but i've not quite reached the stage when i wake up in the morning and think 'man, i REALLY don't want to go to work'. which i think is a good thing. so far. :) wish me luck with the next month!


At 11:12 AM, October 09, 2005, Blogger Tym said...

Ah, "staff work". I forgot to include that phrase in the list of things I wouldn't miss about the civil service job.

Yes, learning to bring a pen and notebook into any boss/bosslet's office was also a lesson I rapidly absorbed. To-do lists work with varying success for me, so sometimes I just have massive post-its that say "Do this NOW!!"

PS: is your friend.

At 10:28 PM, October 09, 2005, Blogger J. said... might be my friend (and i have a street directory in my car!), but it's just easier to wander into boss(let)'s office and ask him instead. -grin-


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