Wednesday, October 26, 2005

sing a song of sixpence

the more time goes by, the less strongly i feel the yearning to be part of a choir again. tonight, i went to a concert put up by the philharmonic chamber choir (of which my senior, evan, is a member. not to mention our very special Eekia.) and -- while there were definitely moments when i thought to myself -there, that's what's missing from my life: the breathing in total accord; the wall of sound; the blend and mix of voices and parts and people to create a single voice out of 35 individual ones. i miss those perfect moments, and the small but heartfelt nod of appreciation and thanks that Mr Toh used to hand out when we'd performed well. but less and less do i want to put in the hours, and the caring and the effort and the hard hard work training this voice of mine back into some sort of reasonable shape. so i languish, singing songs in my car and at my desk and at home, and make do.

speaking of making do - here's yet another place i wish i could be, right here and now --

Sweet Home Chicago!


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