Sunday, November 27, 2005

Thanksgiving Weekend is Over

The party went off mostly without a hitch last night - perhaps we could have eaten a bigger bird, but Janice would probably have keeled over from the effort of managing it on her own. (kudos to Jan for the bird she brought, in any case, it was awesome.) it was a great day - baking at ying's place (my scatterbrained-ness almost causing disaster - the oven was waaay too hot for the poor challah loaf!) - and cooking up baked pasta, and whipping up mashed potatoes in my kitchen with people standing around chattering (thanks for mashing, weineng -grin-). two of my favourite things to do are (a) cooking up lots of things; and (b) hanging out with my friends, and i really love it when the two happen at once, like last night.

Thanks for coming out, pple, and hanging out, and having fun. let's do this again sometime --


Saturday, November 26, 2005


it is raining again - the monsoon season truly is here. it's a weird sort of day for a Thanksgiving Party, halfway around the world from where the holiday is celebrated, but weird or not, that's what we'll be doing in a couple of hours. i'm at Ying's now, having baked some bread and made some pasta sauce from scratch, and the baked pasta smells awesome. my car is going to smell like food for days. but it'll be worth it. gotta leave soon to make it home in time to make some mashed potatoes for dinner, i think. :)

i'm told that it's snowed in paris, and michigan, and it's cold cold cold in chicago. sometimes i'm still startled when i step outside after work and don't get smacked in the face by a chilly wind and a flurry of white. it is late november, after all.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

green like a cute, amphibious hopping creature

congratulations, mr staniland, on your first published article. :)

i fully intend to spend some time digesting it this evening, but it's nice to finally read something that (a) references other academic/intellectual works; and (b) has (hopefully!) a sustained, well-supported argument with a clear thesis that i can agree/disagree with. -sigh- just the sight of endnotes makes me happier. -laugh- i know, i know, self-confessed total geek. silence, y'll.

is it only tuesday? isn't it friday yet? and THANKSGIVING yet? :)

Saturday, November 19, 2005

my kind of town

from drought to deluge - two posts in one day. -grin- but this merely a short one to point to a new addition in the sidebar: my old roommate's dad, Bill Testa is an economist with the Chicago Fed, and has recently -i say recently, but it's been abt three months now- started blogging about the Midwest economy (and consequently about regional growth, and what makes regions -vs. whole economies etc- grow/not grow) over on the Chicago Fed's website. more specifically, he blogs here.

for those readers interested in the mechanics/dynamics of regional growth and/or the Midwest Economy (i.e all two of you), it's well worth a read through. and i'm not just plugging it because i'm fond of Em's dad. :p

if i were a rich man, i would...

last night, restless and just wanting to chill out while doing something different, we moved Girls' Nite Out from our usual haunts to the Peranakan area of Orchard Road -- Emerald Hill. and oh boy was it lovely. i think i've found my favourite watering hole here. :) we planned to start out in AlleyBar, but by the time we got there it was packed, and the nice waitress was like 'I don't have any tables, but you can stand at the bar' - we are definitely going back, hopefully next week. it looks really pretty inside. :) so we moved operations a little further up the street to Que Pasa, and Ice Cold Beer. ahhh, bliss. :)

walking around the area after finishing our drinks made my eyes pop. i mean, those houses are GORGEOUS. what do i have to do to get one? Marry a rich man? Kill a rich man? both? -grin- there's no way i can afford to live in the area on my current (and projected future) income. -laugh- but oh, the houses are beautiful - not that wide, but so long, and the ceilings are so high! spiral staircases, and lofts everywhere, and lovely gracious gardens. so beautiful. we had to leave before i started crying. -laugh- what i really want is one of those houses, with the facade preserved, but the insides all wide and open, with lots of wood and lots of space, with a lofted bedroom. (though i'm not sure how aircon fits into this picture. hmm.)

no use dreaming though. no way i'll ever get one of those babies. :) my future will be more...plebian than that.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

unintentional tragedy

i broke a piece of jewellery today -- my glass pendant on a metal choker from Venice -murano glass!

the pendant -the actual glass piece- is still intact, but now i need to find some way to hang it around my neck. the chains and metal choker i own have catches insufficiently fine to fit through the hole in the glass piece. am terribly afraid i will wind up wearing it on fishing line.


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

work computers -rolls eyes-

ding-donging between the PCs at work and Portia the wunderkund pBook at home is making my brain hurt. i get to work, and wonder why the hell my Expose is suddenly non-functional, only to realise that -wait- PCs don't HAVE Expose. esp crappy old machines like my work PC.

all that was an elaborate lead-in to: you've noticed this blog has grown increasingly silent. yet the LJ (yes, there is a LJ. see the link in the bottom of the sidebar?) has not fallen into complete and utter silence. (in fact, didn't i just post there to celebrate my first Milo Dinosaur? perhaps not.) why is that, you ask. do i not love you anymore?

and the answer, plain and simple, is that my Evil Work PC with its Evil Internet Explorer will not allow me to update here. i open the start page, and somehow, for some reason known only to arcane programmers, the SIGN IN button doesn't appear. anywhere. and hitting enter, which usually works on Portia as well as non-Mac machines, doesn't work. i've finally figured out how to get Mozilla to do it (force it through the login page anyway) but it's a pain, even though ostensibly this is a better browser. so updates on the Blogger will be few and far between, i suspect. (though perhaps not this weekend, since it will be a long one!)

please keep an eye on the LJ -i'm an attention-whore, i know, i know- because LJ lets me log in, even at work. -keeps a wary eye out for heads peeping over cubicle walls- (thanks to my sudden burst of typing -typing = productivity. not.) plus i can change the colour of the text over on the LJ -i can't do it here, my WYSIWYG editor won't load! -bitchbitchwhinewhine-

all right. back to work for a bit before heading off home for the weekend. some serious sleep time, plus hangin' out with the parental units! (erm. yay?)

(oh, and Ry -- i intended to write you an email when i got into the office, erm, 10 hours ago, but erm...i forgot. i'll write when i get home, i promise. -grin-)