Saturday, November 19, 2005

if i were a rich man, i would...

last night, restless and just wanting to chill out while doing something different, we moved Girls' Nite Out from our usual haunts to the Peranakan area of Orchard Road -- Emerald Hill. and oh boy was it lovely. i think i've found my favourite watering hole here. :) we planned to start out in AlleyBar, but by the time we got there it was packed, and the nice waitress was like 'I don't have any tables, but you can stand at the bar' - we are definitely going back, hopefully next week. it looks really pretty inside. :) so we moved operations a little further up the street to Que Pasa, and Ice Cold Beer. ahhh, bliss. :)

walking around the area after finishing our drinks made my eyes pop. i mean, those houses are GORGEOUS. what do i have to do to get one? Marry a rich man? Kill a rich man? both? -grin- there's no way i can afford to live in the area on my current (and projected future) income. -laugh- but oh, the houses are beautiful - not that wide, but so long, and the ceilings are so high! spiral staircases, and lofts everywhere, and lovely gracious gardens. so beautiful. we had to leave before i started crying. -laugh- what i really want is one of those houses, with the facade preserved, but the insides all wide and open, with lots of wood and lots of space, with a lofted bedroom. (though i'm not sure how aircon fits into this picture. hmm.)

no use dreaming though. no way i'll ever get one of those babies. :) my future will be more...plebian than that.


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