Saturday, November 26, 2005


it is raining again - the monsoon season truly is here. it's a weird sort of day for a Thanksgiving Party, halfway around the world from where the holiday is celebrated, but weird or not, that's what we'll be doing in a couple of hours. i'm at Ying's now, having baked some bread and made some pasta sauce from scratch, and the baked pasta smells awesome. my car is going to smell like food for days. but it'll be worth it. gotta leave soon to make it home in time to make some mashed potatoes for dinner, i think. :)

i'm told that it's snowed in paris, and michigan, and it's cold cold cold in chicago. sometimes i'm still startled when i step outside after work and don't get smacked in the face by a chilly wind and a flurry of white. it is late november, after all.


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