Sunday, November 27, 2005

Thanksgiving Weekend is Over

The party went off mostly without a hitch last night - perhaps we could have eaten a bigger bird, but Janice would probably have keeled over from the effort of managing it on her own. (kudos to Jan for the bird she brought, in any case, it was awesome.) it was a great day - baking at ying's place (my scatterbrained-ness almost causing disaster - the oven was waaay too hot for the poor challah loaf!) - and cooking up baked pasta, and whipping up mashed potatoes in my kitchen with people standing around chattering (thanks for mashing, weineng -grin-). two of my favourite things to do are (a) cooking up lots of things; and (b) hanging out with my friends, and i really love it when the two happen at once, like last night.

Thanks for coming out, pple, and hanging out, and having fun. let's do this again sometime --



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