Friday, December 09, 2005


i know, i know, posting photos instead of real content again. -grin- and not updating. but what can i say. nothing much has happened -except my very first work-trip, which commenced with takeoff at 0600 hrs, and was short and stressful. (it was just a day trip, people, nothing to get excited about. although - i've never done a day trip to another country before!)

ok - so this lovely lady on the left is my godsis. she showed up at church last sunday, and we took the opportunity to finally take a photo that pleased both of us. (it took a couple of tries. -grin-) another navy brat like me, she works for DSTA, and calls a Really Big Gun her 'baby'. -laugh- i knew i wasn't the only crazy one!

and this is Grandpa. :) and that's dad. :) i'll assume you know which is which...