Monday, January 16, 2006

it's been a long time

my eldest cousin -the oldest Kwek cousin in my generation- got married this week (on a thursday!) in a combination of traditional Teochew wedding, tea ceremony and all, and formal solomnisation at the hotel at which they held their wedding dinner (rather than the Registry of Marriages). it was a rainy rainy day, but inside it was all warmth and cheer, and laughter and teasing, and camera flashes, and hugs. i haven't spent much time with this side of my family over the last few years -especially since i have been away- so every time we get together for a family function, i am struck anew at how much of me comes from them. how noisy and loud and uninhibited my aunts are (and the slightly bemused looks on the faces of the aunt and uncles who have unknowingly married into the craziest family in Singapore), and how the cousins are more alike than we seem.

Brian is the second of my cousins to get married -his youngest brother got married last year, or no, i think it was the year before, now- and my second cousin's wedding is going to be in November - and it is so weird to be surrounded by people who are married, or going to get married, and only two years ago this wasn't on my radar screen at all!

* * * * *

i'm on course at the moment, and this gem jumped out at me from an otherwise uninspiring lecture:
"They've got some kind of genuine Techno-Confucian Mandate of Heaven thing going on. It's being carried out by really bright, eager, workaholic city apparatchiks who are keenly rehearsed." - Bruce Stirling on Singapore
i greatly enjoy the notion of being a "city apparatchik".

* * * * *

i never thought i'd say this, especially not after i grumble and whine and complain about the long hours but --

i wish i were going back to work tomorrow morning.

* * * * *

february was so long that it lasted into march
and found us walking a path alone together
you stopped and pointed and you said "that's a crocus"
and i said "what's a crocus" and you said "it's a flower"
i tried to remember, but i said "what's a flower"
you said "i still love you"


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