Sunday, June 01, 2003

if the world never makes another WWII movie it will be too soon. i can't imagine what draws me to war movies -- this is the third one i've seen this week. oh wait, i didn't say which one i went to. janice and i made a little trek to Doc films this evening to watch The Pianist, a Roman Polanski film about warsaw in world war II. it was so depressing. as janice puts it -- it was so arbitrary: if our Pianist had run into another less forgiving german officer he would have died; if there hadn't been brave Poles who risked their lives to save his he would have died...the list goes on. in the manner of all WWII movies, it was dark, it was filled with painful images of executed Poles, shot at point blank range by rabid Nazis, it was pretty much unrelentingly driving your nose into the dirt. even the bright images of our Pianist -Adrien Brody- were bittersweet -- he plays a beautiful beautiful piece at a piano that is miraculously unharmed in the middle of a bombed out shell of a house to a German officer who might have just shot him on sight, and as i watched those pianist's hands fly over the keys, nailing each final chord perfectly, his fingers flying over chromatic scales as if they were somehow being magically guided -- it was so beautiful it made me cry. there's something so filled with pathos about that scene -- he hasn't eaten properly in years, he's dressed in rags, he's cold emanciated probably sick as a dog, and yet when he's seated at the piano he forgets everything and his hands, oh his hands remember what it was like to play on a grand piano, his fingers fly over the keys, he forgets the existence of the world around him. i heard people around me stifling sobs and sighs, and i thought to myself -good. maybe we will remember this time. maybe this will never ever have to happen again.-

let us just pray that the world never again sees the like of Nazi Germany.


Make a whole new religion
A falling star that you cannot live without
And I'll feed your obsession
There is nothing but this thing that you'll never doubt
This thing you'll never doubt

-- Garbage


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